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Our Philosophy: We take a unique approach to helping children of all ages achieve success in all areas of development.  Our expertise covers a wide range of issues in education that relate to children and young adults. Best Solutions offers a unique approach to resolving problems between students of all ages, parents and schools. BSES puts the needs of children first, recognizing that every child has a personal story. Unless that “story” is heard and passed on to others that need to know, the missing link that may lead to academic success may go undiscovered. Without the full picture, children may be viewed as something they are not. BSES effectively assists in the communication process between parents and schools.  Rather than solving problems with standard approaches in education, BSES encourages decision making that is child centered allowing children, parents and schools to achieve success.


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7/22/11 I have had the most rewarding experience this summer working with the children and parents at the Children’s Developmental Clinic at Prince George’s Community College. As the parent facilitator it was a great opportunity to listen to the experiences and concerns of the parents. Parents are the best advocates for their children, but positive communication with schools and knowing the law are vital components of developing the best solutions for our children. Debrah Martin

Our Services:

• Educational Advocacy

• Consultation on Special Education and 504 Regulations

• College Preparation/ Scholarship Information

9 – 12th grade Timeline Charts for High School Students Headed to College


Other Services Include:

Presentations on Various Educational Topics

Referrals for TUTORS

Mental Health and Community Resources

Resources for Life Training Skills after High School

Resume Writing – Middle School to College